Front Squat with dumbbells: Ultimate Guide + Fitness Tracker

What is front squat with dumbbell Front squat with dumbbells is a compound exercise that targets several muscle groups, including the quadriceps, glutes, and core. This exercise is performed by holding a pair of dumbbells in front of the body while performing a squat. The front squat with dumbbells is an effective exercise for overall […]

Lateral Raise : Guide with 8 variations + Secrets + Fit Tracker

The Importance of the Lateral Raise for Shoulder and Stability Pass the test The lateral raise exercise, also known as the side lateral raise, is an important exercise for building shoulder strength and stability. The lateral raise targets the deltoids, the muscles that make up the shoulder, and can be performed using dumbbells, a barbell, […]

The Dumbbells Upright Row : Guide, Best Tips + Fitness Tracker

Definition of the dumbbell upright row and Overview The dumbbells upright row  is a popular exercise that targets the muscles in the shoulders, upper back, and arms. It is typically performed with a pair of dumbbells, although it can also be done with a barbell or other types of weights. How to do dumbbell upright […]

The Dumbbell Hammer Curl Guide : Exercise, Best Tips and Secrets

Try the app for Free Welcome to our blog post on the dumbbell hammer curl! If you’re looking to add some variety to your upper body workout routine, the dumbbell hammer curl or hammer curls form is a great exercise to try. The hammer curl form targets the muscles of the biceps and forearms, as […]

Rear Delt Dumbbell Exercise : 13 best exercises and secrets

The Rear Delt Dumbbell exercise : Definition and Posture Pass the test If you’re looking to sculpt and define your shoulders, the rear delt dumbbell exercise is a must-add to your workout routine. This exercise targets the posterior deltoid muscles, which are responsible for shoulder extension and external rotation. By strengthening these muscles, you can […]

Best Dumbbell Exercise for Back : 11 powerful Exercises and Tips

Pass the test Have you ever tried doing the back dumbbell exercises? Yes, the “Back Day” is what most people fear. As for the people who are working all day long at the offices, most of us would experience something called back pain. As our age starts to deteriorate, we begin feeling pain in some […]

How to do Skull Crushers: Performance Guide + Fitness Timer

Have you ever done skull crushers before? No, skull crushers are not something dangerous. This is a kind of exercise movement that people always use to train their arm muscles, especially the upper. The skull crushers often include other exercises inside the routines, like overhead presses, pushing exercises, and bench pressing. Not only arms but […]

Workouts for Lower Abs: 11 Best Exercises + Tracker Fitness

Have you ever thought of doing the workouts for lower abs before? People have plenty of good reasons why they want to make their abs feel and look stronger. One of them is for the aesthetic. However, those six-pack muscles serve more beyond the look. There are some other better and more meaningful benefits to […]

21 Best Dumbbell Chest Exercises : Best Tips + Fitness Timer

You desire the best dumbbell chest exercises to build strength and muscle tone? People are going crazy for These dumbbell chest exercises. The chest workout routine with dumbbells is effective at building strength, muscle tone and definition and can help generate better body composition through weight loss. This article will share a full body workout […]

10 Best Dumbbells Tricep Exercises + Explosive Timer Fitness

Start now So, what can be concluded as the dumbbells tricep exercises? People usually use dumbbells for training their muscles, usually their arms. Since the triceps are a huge part of the arm muscles, dumbbells are the most effective tool to train them. Have you ever wondered what’s the best exercise to train your triceps? Many […]