So, what can be concluded as the dumbbells tricep exercises?

People usually use dumbbells for training their muscles, usually their arms. Since the triceps are a huge part of the arm muscles, dumbbells are the most effective tool to train them. Have you ever wondered what’s the best exercise to train your triceps?

Many people want their triceps to be stronger. What’s the reason behind this?

The strong triceps may give you several unique benefits, like a stronger grip and stronger upper body strength, and some people, like bodybuilders, for example, would like to have muscular arms to look better than the rest. Aside from the strength, it’s mainly for visuals, which is really okay.

Having a stronger body can make you more confident. And if you’re confident and always positive, you can pass any obstacles life could bring you. So, if you’re wondering about how to tone your triceps, read the information below!

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Where Are Your Triceps?

So, where are your triceps? Where do these strong muscles reside?

If you take a look at your arm, you may notice that the arm is actually supported by some strong muscles. Let’s go for the basics before actually talking in more detail about it. The arm muscles consist of the biceps and triceps. The biceps are the muscles that are located on the upper side of your arm. If you flex your muscle by bending the elbow, the biceps will be pumped out. Remember Popeye? Yeah, he’s flexing his biceps all the time. Before learning about tricep with dumbbells, let’s understand the triceps.

So, how about the triceps muscles?

The triceps are the muscles located under the biceps. You can see it as muscles supporting the biceps. To achieve stronger strength, you need to both working on these two muscles. As the triceps grow stronger, the biceps will experience the same thing.

The triceps will work for the elbow extension and support the retraction. Overall, if you have stronger triceps, you’ll have stronger upper body stability.

As the name implies, the triceps consists of three main muscles that are different in size: long, literal, and medial heads. When you do the dumbbells triceps workout, you’ll be training these three muscles.

However, although the training is easy to use, don’t expect a quick result from the exercises. In fact, no exercise will give you an actual result in a day. All need is determination and patience. When you have these two aspects, you may easily digest all kinds of dumbbells tricep exercises. And in turn, you’ll start to get the benefits, whether it’s from the performance or the aesthetic aspect.

Dumbbells Triceps Workout : The Unexpected Benefits

Then, what’s the reason people do all the dumbbells triceps exercises?

As mentioned above, people mainly do dumbbells triceps extensions, or workouts for two main reasons: strength and look. By often training your tricep muscles, you may gain better flexibility, stability, and stronger upper body strength.

And for the aesthetic, your arms will look much better. Your position can be straightened out, and the shoulders will look great as well.

Training dumbbells for triceps will also benefit you in terms of performance. By doing regular exercise, you can have better stamina, healthier bones, and reduced risks of getting muscle pains.

The 10 Best Dumbbells Exercises for Triceps

Now, what are the ten best dumbbell tricep workouts? Make sure to take a deep look at the options below:

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1 - Triceps Bench Press

The first one on the list of dumbbells exercises for triceps is the triceps bench press. Yes, it’s actually possible to do a bench press using dumbbells. As you might know, the bench press is actually done using a weight that’s included in a part of the bench press.

But instead of using weights, since we’ll be focusing on training the tricep muscles, you may use the dumbbells for the dumbbell triceps press. So, what you need to do is to lie down on the bench and position yourself in the most comfortable position. And then, hold both dumbbells with both of your hands, and start lifting them up and down. Hold the dumbbells in the same way you hold the weight.

If you’re asking about how many triceps exercises should i do, it’s different according to your body condition. So, it’s always better to ask your instructor about it. Start working on it tirelessly to get the best result. And as Simon Biles said,

“ I’d rather regret the risks that didn’t work out than the chances I didn’t take at all.”

And thus is why you need to do the dumbbells tricep exercises.

2 - Bent Over Tricep Kickbacks

The next one on the list after dumbell tricep press is bent-over tricep kickbacks or dumbbell triceps kickback.  It’As the name implies, this exercise will be done in a bent-over position. To start db tricep kickback, position yourself in a bent-over position with two dumbbells held by your hands.

And since it’s easy to do, it’s also included as a good tricep workouts for women.

And then, lift the dumbbells until they touch the sides of your upper body, and then straighten your hands until the dumbbells’ position is on your back. Do this once again to do another rep of bent over triceps kickbacks.

3 - Incline Kickbacks

If you’re still asking about tricep exercises should i do, one of the best is incline kickbacks.

Still using that very bench you used to do bent-over one-arm triceps extension, you can also do the incline db kickbacks. But first off, adjust the bench until it stands up at a 45-degree angle. Doing the incline kickbacks will greatly train the triceps in such an effective movement.

To do this exercise, you need to lie down on your stomach and hold the dumbbells with both of your hands. Start lifting the dumbbells by bending your elbows and then straightening them until the dumbbells’ position is above your body. By doing the dumbbells tricep exercises, you’ll get stronger triceps in no time.

4 - Standing Single Arm Tricep Extensions

It’s the exercise that’s included as one of the best tricep dumbbell exercises at home.

If this is your first time training the dumbbell overhead tricep extension, we highly recommend doing the standing dumbbell tricep first. It’s easy to do and quite simple to understand. As you may know from the title, you’ll be standing up this time. But don’t worry, the movement of this dumbbells triceps workout at home doesn’t take a lot of your stamina.

After standing up, hold a dumbbell with one of your hands. Straight your arm above and lift the dumbbell, and then start bending the elbow until the dumbbell’s position is on the back of your head. Straight your arm again to do another rep, and do this multiple times, like doing the dumbbell triceps dips.

And you know, although the exercise seems simple, it’ll always work out if you’re willing to put your time and effort into it. As Muhammad Ali said,

“If my mind can conceive it and my heart can believe it – then I can achieve it.”

5 - Seated Dumbbell Tricep Extensions

You can also do the tricep extensions while sitting if you like it, by doing the seated dumbbell tricep extensions. However, the method is a bit different from the exercise above. For the seated triceps extension, surely you’ll need a bench.

Now after putting it on the bench, sit on it, and make yourself comfortable. And then, lift a dumbbell high with both of your hands until the position is above your head.

Bend your elbows until the dumbbell touches the back of your head. Do it slowly and in a rhythm. No need to rush it. You can also do the two-arms triceps extension if you want.

6 - Tate Press

Have you heard about Tate press before? The exercise is similar to the bench press that we’ve already mentioned above, but with a twist. Instead of making the dumbbells on the sides of your body after doing the rep, in the Tate press, when the elbows are bent, the dumbbells will touch your upper body arm.

We know it might be quite dangerous for some people, especially beginners. And that’s the reason why we highly recommend this exercise to somebody who’s already familiar with dumbbells.

You can also do the lying triceps extension dumbbell, as an alternative. Doing the lying triceps extension is recommended mostly for the first timers.

7 - Close Grip Dumbbell Push Ups

Yes, besides the dumbbell triceps pushdown dumbbell push-ups are still considered one of the best methods to train your triceps. And it’s not only focusing on the triceps but also the other parts of the body, including the stomach and upper body muscles.

Different from single arm tricep pushdown, in the close grip push-ups, you’ll be holding the dumbbells while doing the push-ups. Do close grip dumbbell press with both of your hands holding the dumbbells. Another variant of this exercise is making the dumbbell stands vertically as a place to hold your stability when doing the pushups. Only do this kind of exercise if the dumbbell has a wide diameter.

8 - Skull Crushers

The next one is skull crushers. The case is similar to the bench press, actually. Instead of using a weight, you’ll be using a set of dumbbells. However, there’s no difference in the movement and method of the skull crushers dumbbells.

To start the skull crushers tricep, lie down on the bench, and hold the dumbbells together with both of your hands. Straight your arms together, and then bend your elbows until the dumbbells reach below your head position. It doesn’t have to be much lower. You can also try to make the dumbbells in line with the position of your head. Straight your arms again, and do another rep of skull crushers for triceps.

9 - Close Grip Dumbbell Press

Next one on the list of best compound exercises for triceps is close grip bench press for triceps. The exercise is slightly similar to Tate Press but more digestible for beginners. To do this exercise, you’ll need a bench to lie down on. You can do this with a bench press set if you have one at home.

So, start triceps bench press by lying down on the bench and lifting the dumbbells up with both of your hands. Keep them straight, and then lower them on your stomach. Straight your arms again one more time, and do another rep.

If you want to have better stability and reduced risk of bone fracture, we’d recommend this exercise instead of the Tate press. While Tate press is recommended for the advanced user, this one still can be done even by beginners.

10 - Single Arm Tricep Kickback

The next on the list of the top dumbbells tricep exercises is single-arm tricep kickbacks. It’s not a lying triceps extension. And as you may know, you need to bend down a little bit to do the exercise. And thus, you need a bench, not to do triceps lying extension, but to support your body. So for this one-arm triceps extension exercise, you need a dumbbell and a bench.

Start by putting one of your knees on the bench, and bend it at a 90-degree angle. Put one of your hands in line with the knee to make the bent-over position. And then, use the other hand to lift the dumbbell over and over again. Hold your breath, lift it up, and release it. And that’s how to train triceps with dumbbells.

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Conclusion about Dumbbells Exercises

And those are the ten best dumbbell exercises for triceps. As you can see, there are so many exercise variations you can try with a set of dumbbells.

So, never underestimate the power of dumbbells in your possession. And remember that these are not all exercises you can do with dumbbells to train your triceps. There are so many variations and combinations of each exercise, which might be suitable to build some muscles at once. So, we hope that you may find the most proper exercise for you. Good luck!

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