Dumbbell exercises provide an easy and effective way of targeting every major muscle groups in your body.

The information and dumbbell exercise illustrations below are for dumbbell exercises that are grouped by main muscle groups.

Make your selection from the choices below:

Dumbbell Exercises for Abdomininals

Dumbbell Exercises for Abdomininals Dumbbell exercises for abs muscles


Upper and Lower Abdominals, Obliques

Target Muscles Group: abs




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Upper and Lower Abdominals, Obliques

Upper, Lower, Inner, and Outer Pectorals

Inner, Outer, and Rear Deltoids; Trapezius

Inner, Outer, and Lower Biceps


Dumbbell back exercises for the upper and lower Lats and the lower back

Upper, Lower, and Inner Thighs; Calves

Inner and Outer Forearms

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