How to do Tricep Kickbacks Guide + Fitness Tracker

Benefits to do triceps kickbacks Stronger and more toned triceps not only improve the look of your arms but make everyday tasks easier too, unlocking doors, opening jars and bottles, pushing heavy objects, and preventing gruesome injuries during sport. Your triceps are the muscles that help you lift your arms. When it comes to strength-building, […]

Overhead Tricep Extension Guide: Variations and Timer Fitness

Are you wondering why are triceps important? Pushing, pulling, bending, and straightening – all engage the triceps. The tricep muscles originate at your shoulders and end at your elbows, and their three heads keep your upper arms active. You’ll gain strength, flexibility, and circulation by strengthening your triceps. As your triceps get stronger, your chest, […]

Dumbbells Triceps Workout with 20 Exercises + Fitness Tracker

Some of you here might wonder about how to get big triceps? Whether you’re included as a beginner or an expert on the field, dumbbells could never go wrong. Dumbbells are versatile gym equipment that can be used for so many kinds of exercises. So, how to get strong triceps? There is only one answer: […]

Words of Caution

You’ll need to use caution when incorporating dumbbell exercises in your workout routines since the risk of injury is especially high. Because your body is not fixed in position as is the case when using gym-type machines, it is especially important to be careful in maintaining good posture throughout an exercise. Moreover, you’ll want to […]

Techniques Commonly Used

Since dumbbell exercises generally do not isolate muscles, “cheating” can be very tempting. Cheating involves using body movements that help you perform a dumbbell exercise more easily. An example of cheating would be to sway your upper body forward and back when doing biceps curl. Although the dumbbell exercise will be easier to perform that […]

Equipment Required

A benefit to using dumbbell exercises in your workout routines is that they only require you to have access to a pair of dumbbells and a workout bench. Using only these two pieces of equipment you’ll be able to perform hundreds of exercises and target every major muscle group in your body. Dumbbells are available […]

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